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As with every class it is important to understand the language of a RPM Instructor and or Trainer.

Get to know some key words:

Ride Easy (Relaxed Driving.) :

The hands are placed in the set position on the handlebars of the bike. Elbows remained bent and close to the body. There is a slight tip from the hips and you are visually looking forward of the bike ahead.

Racing (Racing Cycle Position.):

The torso is slightly moving forward of the body. There is more depth in your seated position and more weight is distributed in the shoulders to stop fatigue. There is slightly less resistance in this position and the racing factor comes into the ride.

Racing - LP:

Progression Mode. Hands move from the front of the bikes frame to the handlebars.

Standing Recovery:

This is where you are inn recovery ride from each tracks key objectives. Remittances are aimed down and the you are preparing for the next track. The hands change position and are more forward on the bikes frames handles. The trunk and seat bones are maintaining proper motions (no adverse rocking.) and maintaining control of speed and your own progression while in race mode.


Over the Top (This is the ultimate position.) OTT is used to its max benefit. Long torso is encouraged in this position maintaining long spine and also decrease stress on the lower back. (No Neutral Spine.) your spine should remain long at all times.


Using 360 degrees movements at all times unless instructed in track 8 or 9 to do otherwise. We do this to stop participants damaging their Patella while maintaining safe key track objectives while in riding positions in RPM (Raw Power in Motion.)


RPM is the exception in the Les Mills programs. It is the only program where we don't encourage participants to have a neutral spine.

Participants are encouraged to tip from the hip maintaining a long spine and relax the back. While mantaining a proper reach from the set position in RPM.

If Neutral Spine is adopted this would suggest that the back is in a position that goes against the natural sitting position.

The key to a good ride is to allow the seat bones to sit firmly back in the seat while maintaining the correct body alignment in relation to the aparatus being used.

RPM is also a upper back workout. In saying this you should work the shoulders into each part of the class. User proper technique while maintaining lower back stability while working the core at all times.

If you have any issues or problems see your RPM Instructor or Trainer for additional advice in the proper execution of movement in RPM while maintaining proper back formation, and remaining in a long spine movement in your RPM class.



RPM took on an exciting new direction with release 19 of this world famous program. It was with release 19 that the program moved direction and established a the terrain approach to the program.

Track 1 Pack Ride (Get a feel for the class.) time to come into the class and join the other RPM'ers in the class and begin your pack ride into RPM Raw Power in Motion.

Track 2. Pace is the word for this track establishing your own pace and allows you to come into the ride. You could say setting your own pace for the RPM journey ahead.

Track 3. Rolling Hills is that bringing up the pace and moving from the plat section to the small hills in the terrain of the course. You meet and match your objectives to the end goals of your own personal journey.

Track 4. Mixed Terrain is where you increase your resistance’s and then start the climb of your life up and down the hills RPM can throw your way. The hills do change with each release of RPM. It is like your very own Tour De Force but your own tour.

Track 5. Flats are the criterion race of the class, the challenge is to win that yellow or green jersey and win the race of your life. Enjoy the race RPM style.

Track 6. Free Spin you set the pace. It is your own personal race set your own objectives increase the resistances and then challenge yourself to go where you want to go.

Track 7. Mountain climb is you now have to climb the mountains pick up the pace, ride the waves and sit high of the saddle and move your remittances and climb each hill. This is the ultimate power position in RPM.

Track 8. Ride home you have climbed the hills and challenged yourself to the ride of a life now it is the journey home. Join back with the pack and ride home with RPM.

Track 9. Stretch the muscles and come back to the class. Recover from the ride and have a sweet trip home.

Enjoy RPM (Raw Power in Motion.)

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This is one of the most asked questions in RPM what does it mean.

People think Revolutions Per Minute Nope.

RPM is a resistance styled gym program adapting excellent music 9 tracks to specific training objectives.

RPM uses the cadence ladder. Each track has a specific objective in terms of RPM (Raw Power in Motion.)

The principle of Raw Power incorporates well into the Les Mills most popular cycling program taking off everywhere and expanding globally everywhere.


As with all new classes it is important to have a proper bike setup.

Ideal Bike Positioning.

1. The height of the saddle determined by your height. Ideally the saddle height should be hip height.

2. Handle position should within arm distance. No overstraining

3. You should be able to adjust your pedal straps while still in a seated position. If you can not then your seat is at the wrong height.

4. If in doubt do not be shy ask your excellent RPM Instructor and Trainer for assistance.

That is what they are there for.

If in doubt arrive 10 minutes before class and ask them to assist you.


It is vital to keep hydrated during a RPM class. The reocmmendation is to bring a bottle of water to the class. It is advised that you should drink it slowly during the class. Reason being is the build up of lactic acid and to stop the burning discomfort asociated with the burn effect.

It is recommended that you bring a towel.

Towels are imporant. You may want to wipe the bike afterwards.

If your gym does not has a hygene station please ask them install one so that you can wipe the bike after you have used it.


RPM can burn up to 600 + calories in any one RPM class lasting 45 minutes according to Unisports Centre Auckland.

This proves that RPM gets fast results and aims to be the best Cardio Fat Burning Program that Les Mills can offer.

So try RPM and see the complete change in your whole body.

1 The Caloric Expenditure and Aerobic Demands of BODYSTEP, BODYATTACK, BODYCOMBAT and RPM. Lythe. J and Pfitzinger. P, Unisports Center
for Sports Performance, Auckland, New Zealand (April 2000)


Current class structure of RPM.


TRACK 01 Pack Ride
TRACK 02 Pace
TRACK 03 Rolling Hills
TRACK 04 Mixed Terrain
TRACK 05 Flats
TRACK 06 Free Spin
TRACK 07 Mountain Climb
TRACK 08 Ride Home
TRACK 09 Stretch


RPM was created by Michael J Mc Sweeney in 1999 and was choreographed by Michael till the end of 2004. His final choreographed release is RPM 24.


The following track list was compiled by myself. The tracklists was used by various websites around the planet that have RPM track listings. Which originated from my own records complied in Tuesday, 4 December 2001 6:50:33 AM from my various sources. The data is combination of each of these efforts.


1 RPM 01 Raincloud Light House Family
2 RPM 01 Ray Of Light Madoona
3 RPM 01 Road To Nowhere The Proclaimers
4 RPM 01 Reel Around The Sun River Dance Irish Company
5 RPM 01 Speed East 17
6 RPM 01 Carnaval de Paris Dario G
7 RPM 01 The Power Snap!
8 RPM 01 Vamos a Bailar Gypsy Kings
9 RPM 01 Sadness Enigma

1 RPM 02 The Beginning Seal
2 RPM 02 Argentina Evita
3 RPM 02 The Best
4 RPM 02 Mas Que Nada Sergio Mandese and Brasil 66
5 RPM 02 Under Pressure Queen
6 RPM 02 Children Robert Miles
7 RPM 02 Break Away Big Pig
8 RPM 02 Spinning The Wheel George Michael
9 RPM 02 Lullaby Mariah Carey

1 RPM 03 I Want To Kiss You All Over Exile
2 RPM 03 Listen To The Music Doobie Brothers
3 RPM 03 Bad To The Bone George Thorogood
4 RPM 03 Gypsy Kings Medley Gypsy Kings
5 RPM 03 Proud Mary Creedence Clearwater Revival
6 RPM 03 Mysterious Times U2
7 RPM 03 Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For U2
8 RPM 03 Crazy Seal
9 RPM 03 Truly Madly Deeply Savage Garden

1 RPM 04 I Want To Know What Love Is Foreigner
2 RPM 04 Tragedy Bee Gees
3 RPM 04 1999 Prince
4 RPM 04 Ready To Go Generation X
5 RPM 04 Gangsta’s Paradise Coolio
6 RPM 04 Chariots Of Fire Vangellis
7 RPM 04 Return Of The Mack Mark Morrison
8 RPM 04 Alone Heart
9 RPM 04 Careless Whispers George Michael

1 RPM 05 Water From A Vine Leaf William Orbit – Will Smith
2 RPM 05 Oye Como Va (Tito Puente.) Santana
3 RPM 05 The Future Was in a earlier Pump
4 RPM 05 Ma Baker Bonny M
5 RPM 05 Maria TDK
6 RPM 05 Mull Of Kintyre Paul Mc Cartney
7 RPM 05 Move It To The Rhythm Technotronics
8 RPM 05 Lifted M People
9 RPM 05 No Matter What Boyzone

1 RPM 06 Rhythm Drive Enrique Iglesias
2 RPM 06 Long Train Runnin´(Motiv8 Remix) The Doobie Brothers
3 RPM 06 My Love Is Your Love Whitney Houston
4 RPM 06 Freed From Desire Gala
5 RPM 06 The Rockafeller Skannk ( Mulder Remix) Fatboy Slim
6 RPM 06 Maid Of Orleans Watergate
7 RPM 06 Intercontinental Invaders Sash!
8 RPM 06 Return To Innocence Enigma
9 RPM 06 I Knew I Loved You Savage Garden

1 RPM 07 The Animal Song Savage Garden
2 RPM 07 Waiting For Tonight Jennifer Lopez
3 RPM 07 Fight For Your RighT N.Y.C.C
4 RPM 07 I Will Go with You (Con Te Partiro) Donna Summer
5 RPM 07 Rebel Yell Scooter
6 RPM 07 Fable Robert Miles
7 RPM 07 Knock On Wood Mary Griffin
8 RPM 07 If Let You GO Westlife
9 RPM 07 I Try Macy Gray

1 RPM 08 Be With You Enrique Iglesias
2 RPM 08 Sep-99 Earth Wind & Fire
3 RPM 08 No More Tears Kim Mazelle & Jocelyn Brown
4 RPM 08 Move Your Body Eiffel 65
5 RPM 08 Affirmation Savage Garden
6 RPM 08 Heart of Asia Watergate
7 RPM 08 Push Push Falco
8 RPM 08 Quit Playing Games With My Heart Backstreet Boys
9 RPM 08 Imagine John Lennon

1 RPM 09 Maria Maria Santana
2 RPM 09 Hooked On A Feeling Clueless
3 RPM 09 The Race Captain Jack
4 RPM 09 Inside To Outside Lady Violet
5 RPM 09 River Deep Mountain High Jimmy Barnes
6 RPM 09 Better Off Alone Alice Deejay
7 RPM 09 Sunstroke Chicane
8 RPM 09 Still Believe Shola Ama
9 RPM 09 When You Say Nothing At All Ronan Keating

1 RPM 10 Groovejet (If This Ain't Love) Spiller
2 RPM 10 Desert Rose Sting feat. Cheb Mami
3 RPM 10 It Feels So Good Sonique
4 RPM 10 Nobody's Supposed To Be Here Deborah Cox
5 RPM 10 Hit That Perfect Beat Boy Bronski Beat
6 RPM 10 Infinity C J Stone
7 RPM 10 Can You Feel It N.Y.C.C.
8 RPM 10 It's Gonna Be Me N SYNC
9 RPM 10 Rise Gabrielle

1 RPM 11 Outside George Michael
2 RPM 11 Don't Tell Me Madonna
3 RPM 11 Nutbush City Limits T-Zone
4 RPM 11 Get Down On It Kool & The Gang
5 RPM 11 Linvin' La Vida Loca Ricky Martin
6 RPM 11 Toca's Miracle Fragma
7 RPM 11 Feel The Beat Darude
8 RPM 11 Could I Have This Kiss Forever Whitney Houston & Ricky Martin
9 RPM 11 Angel Shaggy feat. Rayvon

1 RPM 12 Smooth Santana feat. Rob Thomas
2 RPM 12 Spanish Guitar Toni Braxton
3 RPM 12 You Spin Me Round Dead or Alive
4 RPM 12 On The Radio Martine McCutcheon
5 RPM 12 Don't Let The Sun Go Down DJ Octopus
6 RPM 12 Silence Delirium feat. Sarah McLachlan
7 RPM 12 Where Are You Paffendorf
8 RPM 12 Reminiscing Madison Avenue
9 RPM 12 Here With Me Dido

1 RPM 13 Could You Be Loved Joe thingyer
2 RPM 13 Don´t Stop Movin' S Club 7
3 RPM 13 Kotahitanga Oceania
4 RPM 13 Ride Like The Wind Masterboy
5 RPM 13 Misirlou Spaghetti Surfers
6 RPM 13 Just Around The Hill Sash!
7 RPM 13 Song 2 Song 2 (cover for Blur)
8 RPM 13 Another Day In Paradise Brandy & Ray J
9 RPM 13 Broken Wings K'Lee

1 RPM 14 Fairground Simply Red
2 RPM 14 All By Myself So Emotional
3 RPM 14 It's my life Jackie 'O'
4 RPM 14 Ya mama Fatboy Slim
5 RPM 14 She bangs Red Hardin
6 RPM 14 The beauty of silence Svenson & Gielen
7 RPM 14 Killer 2000 ATB
8 RPM 14 Whole again Atomic Kitten
9 RPM 14 Shape of my heart Backstreet Boys

1 RPM 15 Take Me Home Sophie Ellis Bextor
2 RPM 15 Lady Modjo
3 RPM 15 Starlight Supermen Lovers
4 RPM 15 Turn To Me Vanessa Amorosi
5 RPM 15 We Will Rock You Nick Skitz & Re-Mix
6 RPM 15 Castles In The Sky Ian Van Dahl
7 RPM 15 Operation Blade Public Domain
8 RPM 15 Something Stupid Robbie Williams & Nicole Kidman
9 RPM 15 Wicked Game Chris Isaak

1 RPM 16 Happy Light House Family
2 RPM 16 Rapture Blondie
3 RPM 16 Beautiful Day U2
4 RPM 16 Sweet Freedom "Urah Heap
Uriah Heap"
5 RPM 16 Loaded ZZ Top
6 RPM 16 Forever
7 RPM 16 The Logical Song Scooter
8 RPM 16 Feel Matchbox 20
9 RPM 16 Gangsta Lovin' Eve

1 RPM 17 Little Less Conversation Elvis Vs JXL
2 RPM 17 Ride The Rhythm Z-Factor
3 RPM 17 Hot Stuff DJ Miko
4 RPM 17 Get Over You Sophie Ellis Bextor
5 RPM 17 Let´s Go GrazY Prince & The Revolution
6 RPM 17 Will I Ian Van Dahl
7 RPM 17 Because The Night Jan Wayne
8 RPM 17 Eternal Flame Atomic Kitten
9 RPM 17 Hero Chad Kroeger & Josey Scott

1 RPM 18 Happy Lighthouse Family
2 RPM 18 Rapture Lilo
3 RPM 18 Beautiful Day U2
4 RPM 18 Sweet Freedom Safri Duo feat. Michael McDonald
5 RPM 18 Loaded Ricky Martin
6 RPM 18 Forever N-Trance
7 RPM 18 The Logical Song N-Trance
8 RPM 18 Feel Robbie Williams
9 RPM 18 Gangsta Lovin' Eve feat. Alicia Keys

1 RPM 19 My Friend Groove Armada
2 RPM 19 Dove (I'll Be Loving You) Mooney
4 RPM 19 My Vision Jakatta fat. Seal
5 RPM 19 Dancing With Myself Billy Idol
9 RPM 19 The Long And Windy Road The Beatles
3 RPM 19 Rockin' For Myself Motiv8
6 RPM 19 Salthingye Chicane feat. Maire Brennan of Clannad
7 RPM 19 Rock Da Funky Beats - Public Domain feat. Chuck.D
8 RPM 19 Stronger Sugarbabes

1 RPM 20 Being Nobody Richard X vs Liberty X
2 RPM 20 Be With You Atomic Kitten
3 RPM 20 One Of My Kind Rogue Invaders vs INXS
4 RPM 20 Get It On Busstop feat. T-Rex
5 RPM 20 Radar Love Golden Earring
6 RPM 20 Reason Ian Van Dahl
7 RPM 20 Blood Is Pumpin' Voodoo & Serano
8 RPM 20 Shape Sugababes
9 RPM 20 Tears In Heaven Eric Clapton

1 RPM 21 Don’t Let Me Get Me Pink
2 RPM 21 Don’t Call Me Baby Madison Avenue
3 RPM 21 Stomp! DJ Aligator Project
4 RPM 21 Round Round Sugababes
5 RPM 21 Shakeurbody Shy Fx & T-Power feat. Di
6 RPM 21 ‘E’ Drunkenmunky
7 RPM 21 Phatt Bass (The Blade Theme) Warp Brothers vs Aquagen
8 RPM 21 Ride Wit’ Me Nelly feat. City Spud
9 RPM 21 Rise And Fall Craig David feat. Sting

1 RPM 22 Lifted Lighthouse Family
2 RPM 22 Mas Que Nada Echobeatz
3 RPM 22 The Power Snap
4 RPM 22 Ready To Go Republica
5 RPM 22 Gangsta’s Paradise DJ Dave
6 RPM 22 Children Robert Miles
7 RPM 22 Break Away Big Pig
8 RPM 22 Sadness Enigma
9 RPM 22 Truly Madly Deeply Savage Garden

1 RPM 23 DB Boulevard Point of View
2 RPM 23 DJ Miko What's up 2000
3 RPM 23 Scooter Faster, Harder, Scooter
4 RPM 23 Just The Way You Are Milky
5 RPM 23 Faster, Harder, Scooter Scooter
6 RPM 23 The Opera Song (Brave New World) Jurgen Vries feat. CMC
7 RPM 23 Livin’ A Lie Milk Inc.
8 RPM 23 Conquest Of Paradise Vangelis
9 RPM 23 If You’re Not The One Daniel Bedingfield

1 RPM 24 When I Get You Alone Thicke
2 RPM 24 It's My Life No Doubt
3 RPM 24 Run To You (Extended Version) Novaspace
4 RPM 24 Time Of Our Lives (Single Mix) Ultra Devoted
5 RPM 24 All The People In The World Safri Duo
6 RPM 24 Désenchantée Kate Ryan
7 RPM 24 Kickin’ It Loud Jason Nevins
8 RPM 24 Drift Away Uncle Kracker feat. Dobie Gray
9 RPM 24 Life For Rent Dido

1 RPM 25 Let's Get It Started Black Eyed Peas
2 RPM 25 Sway Michael Bublé
3 RPM 25 Run To Paradise Nick Skitz vs The Choirboys
4 RPM 25 California Dreamin Royal Gigolos
5 RPM 25 The Boys Of Summer Ataris
6 RPM 25 Secret Love Ian Van Dah
7 RPM 25 Rain Down On Me DJ Tiësto
8 RPM 25 Misterious Girl Peter Andre
9 RPM 25 The First Cut Is The Deepest Sheryl Crowe

1 RPM 26 Happy People R.Kelly
2 RPM 26 Hole In The Head Sugababes
3 RPM 26 Summer Rain (Zander 12" Mix) Slinkee Minx
4 RPM 26 Clocks Coldplay
5 RPM 26Don't Worry Baby Zed
6 RPM 26 After All feat. Jaël (of Lunik) Delerium
7 RPM 26 The Night Train (Warp Brothers 2004 Remix) Kadoc
8 RPM 26 Break My Stride Blue Lagoon
9 RPM 26 She Will Be Loved Maroon 5

1 RPM 27 Girls get the bass in the Back (Hey baby Remix) feat. Bounty Killer - No Doubt
2 RPM 27 Love Foolosophy Jamiroquai
3 RPM 27 Let the rythym rule New Sensation
4 RPM 27 Knock on Wood Safri Duo
5 RPM 27 Shock to the System Billy Idol
6 RPM 27 Sunlight (DJ Shog Remix) - DJ Sammy
7 RPM 27 Yeah! Drunkenmunky
8 RPM 27 Three Little Birds Ziggely MarleY
9 RPM 27 Better Brooke Fraser

1 RPM 28 Hey Mama - The BlackEyed Peas
2 RPM 28 Ride It – Geri
3 RPM 28 Young Hearts Run Free (Almighty Mix)
4 RPM 28 Lola's Theme (Extended Vocal Mix) – Shapeshifters
5 RPM 28 Freestyler - Bomfunk MC's
6 RPM 28 Don't Give Up – Chicane
7 RPM 28 Runaway - Groove Coverage
8 RPM 28 Future Love Paradise – Seal
9 RPM 28 Knockin On Heaven's Door - Avril Lavigne

1 RPM 29 Crabbuckit, K-OS
2 RPM 29 Everywhere, Moustache feat. Melinda Jackson
3 RPM 29 Crazy, Seal
4 RPM 29 I like the Way, Body Rockers
5 RPM 29 Kryptonite, 3 doors down
6 RPM 29 Why, DJ Sammy
7 RPM 29 Adagio for Strings, DJ Tiesto
8 RPM 29 Unwritten, Natasha Bedingfield
9 RPM 29 Home, Michael Buble.
RPM 29 Bonus Track Yellin at the Xmas Tree, Billy Idol

1 RPM 30 FastLove 1 - George Michael
2 RPM 30 Spin that wheel - Soulstatic f./Wendy Lewis- Club Beats UK Promo CD
3 RPM 30 Voodoo Child- Rogue Traders
4 RPM 30 Easy Lover - Divided
5 RPM 30 Vertigo - SBI
6 RPM 30 Shivers - Armin van Buren
7 RPM 30 Going insane (feat Red Monkey) - The Warp Brothers
8 RPM 30 All the way - Craig David
9 RPM 30 Kiss & Say Goodbye - UB40

1 RPM 31 I´ve been thinking about you - London Beat!
2 RPM 31 Turn me on - Kevin Lyttle!
3 RPM 31 Finally - CC mix Love to Infinity ft. Charlotte Day!
4 RPM 31 Speed of Light - Coldplay!
5 RPM 31 Round and Round - Rhythm Twins!
6 RPM 31 Underwater - Above Beyonds 21th Century Mix Delerium !
7 RPM 31 Fading Like a Flower ext.mix - Dancing DJs v Roxette!
8 RPM 31 Just Feel Better - Santana ft. Steven Tyler !
9 RPM 31 Heart Like a Wheel - The Corrs!



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